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Leverage the Nix ecosystem to share binaries between CI, development and deployment environments.

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Share binaries between all environments

Cachix provides a few different ways to share binaries:

  • $ cachix push mycache
  • $ cachix watch-store mycache
  • $ cachix watch-exec mycache nix-build

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Use your binaries seamlessly

Run $ cachix use mycache to configure Nix and you're all set!

Use auth tokens to protect read access to your binary cache:
$ cachix authtoken AUTH-TOKEN.

Build faster

Everything you need to share binaries.

Set up your Nix infrastructure in a few minutes and avoid maintenance work.

Garbage Collection

To prevent your cache from growing indefinitely, least recently used entries are collected once you reach your storage limit.

Access Management

Grant your team members write and/or read access to a cache.

Allows revoking the token at any time.

Continuous Integration Guides

Learn how to integrate Cachix with your favorite CI to start sharing binaries.


Comes with a number of optimizations to speed up binary cache roundtrips.


To save space, entries from are not stored in your cache.

Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare CDN enables performance and unlimited bandwidth on all plans.

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From Open Source projects to established businesses.

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